Deliver More for Less

Keep Customers Happy


Customer visibility is a key metric

for a drastically changing Logistics Industry

Logistics operations need to be nimble and demand driven to meet expectation of modern supply chains

GraphLI empowers logistics & transportation companies to be nimble and demand driven in order to increase customer satisfaction while cutting costs up to 30% by

Eradicating manual processes through Automation.

Enhancing workforce and asset utilization

through Intelligent Routing.

Reducing Liability and customer service

costs through Real-time Tracking.

Measuring & maintaining highest levels of

service through a Performance Scorecard.

Our Customer Benefits

Automation & Routing

Workflow automation, and intelligent routing to increase efficiency without increasing IT burden

Delivery Milestones

Capture all milestones including exceptions in real-time to make sure you deliver on time 

Faster Billing

Accelerate payment on deliveries by providing a comprehensive digital POD

GraphLI's SaaS platform acts as a middleware that seamlessly connects your back office systems (TMS, OMS) with your operations to collect, monitor and increase efficiency while providing full visibility to your customers 

Live Tracking & Audit

Get a comprehensive view of all events as they happen. Search and audit any deliveries completed recently or in the past

Performance Analytics

Proactively analyze company wide performance to increase internal efficiency and your brand awareness with customers

Customer Portal

Share information on your deliveries with customers in real-time. Provide advanced search and delivery metrics for full transparency

About us

We started GraphLI fully recognizing the fact that employees are the key to a company's success and have focused our energy toward enabling logistics operators to efficiently plan, optimize, track and deliver in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational cost by more than 30%.

Since every business is different, we customize our process to work hand in hand with your logistics services in order to empower them with technology.


We fully understand companies don't have unlimited IT budgets and have designed our SaaS platform such that it can be deployed and run with no involvement from IT.

One of our key differentiators is that we record, visualize, manage and analyze all operations with location as one of the key components.  Location data is a powerful, yet often overlooked, component in business intelligence and this couldn't be more true than in the logistics industry where people and assets are constantly moving.  

Vinodh Subramanian
Visionary In Chief
Jeffery Smith
Architect In Chief

Whether you are a billion dollar company like DHL or SME like Javelin, GraphLI has the tools to support your business 


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