About Us

GraphLI is a local distribution and last mile logistics software company based in San Jose, California. 
The founders have spent the last four years working with logistics companies, and during that time realized that last mile delivery portion of the entire chain supply accounts for more than 53% of the total cost of goods shipped.
To solve this issue, the team created a solution to streamline the process from dispatch to delivery, without any involvement from IT. 
Now we have a SaaS platform called GraphLI, and it decreases operational and transportation cost by more than 30% by reducing repetitive manual cost through automation, eradicating paperwork and data entry errors through digitization, it improves asset utilization and reduce fuel cost through efficient routing, increases customer retention through monitoring and maintaining highest levels of service, and it reduces liability and customer service costs through real-time tracking and visibility.
The founders started the company fully recognizing the fact that employees are the key to a company's success and have focussed all their energy towards enabling logistics operators to efficiently plan, optimize, and deliver in the last mile.
Our goal is to help you increase the value of your business, and since every business is different, we customize our process to work hand in hand with last mile delivery services in order to empower them with technology. 

Whether you are a billion dollar company like DHL or SME like Javelin, GraphLI has the tools to support your business 


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