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Customer visibility a key metric

for the drastically changing Logistics Industry

With Supply Chains becoming more continuous and demand driven, being able to provide real-time visibility and predictability to customers is now a key metric along with on-time delivery for customer satisfaction.

Logistics operations need to have a continuous data feed of information on critical services such as priority based dispatch, driver locations, proof of delivery, and exceptions to keep up with changing customer expectations.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of  your operations

GraphLI is cloud based logistics platform powered by location intelligence that enables logistics operators stay on top of what is happening with their operations and provide full visibility to their customers. It is simple to understand, easy to use, continuously tracks all aspects of your operations, automates where needed, and generates intelligence for proactive planning and execution.

Plan. Dispatch. Track. Analyze. Measure. Audit

Advantages of GraphLI include

Automation & Routing

Workflow automation, and intelligent routing to increase efficiency without increasing IT burden

Delivery Milestones

Capture all milestones including exceptions in real-time to make sure you deliver on time 

Faster Billing

Accelerate payment on deliveries by providing a comprehensive digital POD

Live Tracking & Audit

Get a comprehensive view of all events as they happen. Search and audit any deliveries completed recently or in the past

Performance Analytics

Proactively analyze company wide performance to increase internal efficiency and your brand awareness with customers

Customer Portal

Share information on your deliveries with customers in real-time. Provide advanced search and delivery metrics for full transparency

Location intelligence fueling unparalleled delivery efficiency

Location data is a powerful, yet often overlooked, component in business intelligence and this couldn't be more true than in the logistics industry where people and assets are constantly moving.  In order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention in the age of demand driven supply chains, it is absolutely critical to have a continuous stream of status and location for all deliveries and assets in real-time to react to issues, monitor and improve performance, increase predictability and planning, and perform efficient cost based resource allocation.GraphLI's cloud, mobility, and API based platform simplifies this process and gives logistics operations the workflows and metrics needed to outperform the competition.

Vinodh Subramanian
Visionary In Chief
Jeffery Smith
Architect In Chief

Whether you are a billion dollar company like DHL or SME like Javelin, GraphLI has the tools to support your business 


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