Essential tools for a

seamless operations

From web portals for administration, mobile apps for the workforce and business API for integrations, GraphLI provides an all-in-one operations platform to grow your business 


Plan and stay on top of your day

Dispatching orders to drivers in the most efficient manner is an important step to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our dispatching portal empowers dispatchers by

  • Highlighting priority orders awaiting dispatch

  • Displaying order locations on a map

  • Search and filtering to find orders 

  • Group orders into routes and assign truck and driver

  • Track loading and unloading trucks 

  • Real-time & predictive traffic, customer windows and average time spent per stop based route optimization

  • Re-route stops that have delayed ETAs

  • Deliver new routes and updates to drivers phones

Track execution as and when it happens

The key to success for businesses is proactive management of exceptions. Our reporting portal and mobile apps are tailor made to track all critical milestones and notify on events that deviate from the norm

  • Capture all information including location, signature and picture for digital POD’s 

  • Report and track exceptions as they happen

  • Get active shipment metrics from on-time deliveries, customer complaints and service exceptions

  • Filter down shipments on multiple criteria

  • Track shipment status from pending to delivered

  • See live truck locations that have active shipments

  • View an audit history of all shipments from the past based on data collected as well as the route taken

Measure and Analyze performance

Predictability in business increases when you are continuously measuring and analyzing your business performance. Our performance measurement dashboard is built to provide industry critical insights with a button click

  • Track performance using simple letter grades based on key performance indicators​

  • Visualize order volume to help predict future demand and analyze on-time delivery statistics

  • Understand the frequency and types of exceptions being reported by drivers

  • Monitor driver performance over time


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